All Concepts Property Inspections provide a broad range of house and building inspections, including special purpose Building Inspections Bendigo. A special purpose building inspection focuses on a specific problem or defect within a domestic or commercial property. Our independent inspectors will assess your situation, looking closely at the problem and giving you a full picture of the damage.

A special purpose building inspection report will outline the extent of the damage, and cover a wide range of issues within your building, including structural damage and gaps to walls, floors and ceilings; watermarks and leaking; insulation and asbestos issues; and poor workmanship and building standards. Our highly skilled inspectors are able to identify the underlying problems and causes, and provide you with a detailed report including suggestions on how to rectify your particular issue.

When you are concerned about a particular problem on your property, we will be able to assess your situation and help to put your mind at ease. Call our dedicated team today at All Concepts Property Inspections on 0424 167 171, for a special purpose building inspection.