Give peace of mind to your potential buyers with a pre-sale vendor inspection

Reports from pre-sale vendor inspections, sometimes called vendor inspections or pre-auction inspections, help to accelerate your home sale. With these reports, the vendor or agent has access to the building inspection reports, and can report back on their findings before the sale of the property.

A pre-sales vendor building report will help to reassure buyers when they go to place an offer on your property. When these reports are made available to all the parties interested in your property, you can also use it as a strategy to help in the sales process.

Pre-sale vendor inspections can help to protect you during negotiations

No matter how quickly you wish to sell your home, getting a pre-sale vendor inspection which includes all the major construction aspects of your property, will also help you in setting the sale price of your home.

This report will let you know if your home has some issues such as building defects, faulty internal systems, or previous non-compliant renovations you may not have been aware of.

Not declaring if there are pre-existing problems with your home could seriously derail the sales process. Organising a pre-sale vendor inspection will help you to be in a better position, so that you can make any planned repairs before you place your property on the market.

It also pays to keep in mind that home insurance does not extend to cover any pre-existing damage on the new property, including termite and pest infestation of any type.

All Concepts Property Inspections can take care of your pre-sale vendor inspections for you

At All Concepts Property Inspections, we operate 6 days per week, so all you have to do is call Brett on 0424 167 171, and he will arrange one of our highly experienced inspectors to visit your property, and carry out a full pre-sale vendor inspection with the report and photographs prepared within 48 hours.

Our business has absolutely no affiliation or relationship with any builders, vendors, or estate agents. You are our sole client, and our unbiased report will go a long way to helping protect your interests and investment.